Henry Stewart

Henry has been around for well over a half a century, playing guitar and writing songs since the dawn of rock and roll. He should probably be a lot better by now. Over the past couple of years he has become quite the fixture around Ventura, showing up to play and sing at the drop of a hat, being inspired by and helping to support the local music scene.

Somebody said that he is a folksinger, others think he’s gone a little country, and you’ll find more than one waltz in there somewhere. He’s been known to play a jazz chord or two. Henry is fond of sea shanties, cowboy and murder ballads, love songs, and heartbreak.

He is a lover of words and it flickers in the imagery and strange twists and rhythms of the lyric. Most of the songs are dark, wistful, tragic, or angry. Every once in a while there is a funny one, but most folk don’t know what to think about that. A common question about new songs is “does everybody die?” And quite often the answer is yes, yes they do. It’s a hard knock life.

There is almost nothing he’d rather do than write and play and sing. Close your eyes and see if you can’t go somewhere, find something, or even go ahead and get emotional. It’ll be alright.

Thanks for listening.

Samuel Clemens, official biographer for Henry Stewart

P.S. He’s a patent-holding inventor; whoop de doo.