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Well, we’ve been working on this re-imagining of my website for quite some time now, on and off. I’m thrilled to release it to the public so that my couple of followers have somewhere to visit! I need to thank Michelle Rosenblum for the coding & design and Mary Jane Cole for the photography.

So, times they are a’changing, and for many not a change for the better. I am fortunate to be working at home and have a home to work in. Grateful to keep in touch with the music community through texts, email, instagram, and even phones. I do hope it can be a time of creativity, but it doesn’t always work that way. Many of us have more tasks to accomplish and everything we do takes a little more time. But I’ve written about disasters before and will likely write about them again. We make it through. And there are some signs of hope, how nature comes back to life when we quiet down and sit still. Let us do our best to come out of this to a better world, making and sharing the music that comes from deep within.

Until next time,
Henry S

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